2018 Annual Report 

In 2011, Zamfund was nothing more than a conversation between a young man and a headmaster in a rural schoolhouse about women, education, and development.  After a year of discussions, meetings, and late nights around the dinner table, we determined our mission: To make an impact in the developing world by making the best investment possible: supporting women’s education.   We decided upon a unique sponsorship model to achieve this: Identify and award talented, committed yet financially-incapacitated female leaders with a three-year scholarship to attend private secondary school.   After forming a Board of Directors with extensive legal, education, and non-profit experience, we incorporated Zamfund as 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization in Massachusetts in October 2012. 

In 2013, we solidified and developed our partnership with The Happy Africa Foundation (THAF) and African Impact (AI) on the ground in Livingstone, identifying and interviewing potential candidates and their families by engaging schoolteachers, headmasters, and community leaders.  We signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreement between our two organizations to facilitate our sponsorship program, and began evaluating candidates for sponsorship.   

In 2014, we began our sponsorship of 9th graders Majory and Ndeka, and they completed their first year in flying colors, both finishing with high marks at St. Mary’s School. We could not be more proud of their success, and are continuing our full support of their educations in 2015.  We have also very excited to be supporting Likando, a new young woman entering the 11th grade at St. Mary’s School this year.   We couldn’t be more thankful of your support, all of which goes entirely to supporting and fulfilling our mission helping women’s education in Livingstone, Zambia.

In 2018, Thanks to you, we have been able to provide full high school sponsorships to fournew high-achieving tenth-grade students: Justina, Georgina, Blessed and Melissa. This cohort of students is receiving their education at St. Mary's School in Livingstone, the top school in the area. To defray the cost of lost labor, we have also provided their families with stipends, which allows them to start small businesses. Justina was recently invited by the First Lady of Ghana to attend the Yale Young African Scholars program.

We are proud to announce that this last December, all fourof our previous cohort of sponsored students, Majory, Precious, Ndeka and Likando, have graduated from St. Mary’s! These outstanding young women are already pursuing opportunities in education, nursing, and hotel management that would never have been available to them without our help. We are thrilled about the success of this cohort and are proud that our innovative sponsorship model has been a success.   

We still need your support.  We are hoping to grow and expand our efforts in Livingstone in hopes of changing and improving the lives of women, and the country, one young woman at a time.   

Thank you for your continued support.


Sam Peisch

President, Zamfund, Inc.