Three Step Model

1) Local Vetting: Students are selected and interviewed by the Local Committee, which is comprised of the following:  The headmistress,  the senior teacher, and Sponsor-A-Child chairperson from Nakatindi village and the headmistress, guidance counselor, and careers teacher from the St. Mary's School. The staff at St. Mary's School, The Nakatindi Committee, and the African Impact Foundation identify girls who are high performers scholastically and who have gained acceptance to the St. Mary's school, but cannot afford to go.

2) Local Support: Zamfund provides sponsored students and their families with roughly $810 each year (at current exchange rates). This funding pays for tuition, books, and transportation costs and provides an income-generating opportunity (IGA) to the students family to incentivize their support for educating  their daughters. Here is the financial breakdown: 

                                                                                     School Fees for 1 Year                                    $240

                                                                                     School Requirements*                                   $80 

                                                                                     2 bags of mealie meal/month                       $60 

                                                                                     Business money for sponsored family         $120

                                                                                     Transport money                                            $250

                                                                                     Support for THAF Employees                        $100

                                                                                     Administrative costs**                                   $70                                                                                                                                                                                _________________________________________________________________________________

                                                                                                                                                     Total: $920

*School Requirements include stationary, uniforms, backpack, and textbooks.

**Administrative costs go towards fundraising events, mailings, and website hosting.

3) Local Monitoring and Evaluation: We continue to monitor the girls we sponsor through the Local Committee to make sure that their needs are met and that they are flourishing in school and at home. Sponsorship with Zamfund guarantees the lowest administrative costs in the world, so you know that the money you donate will go directly to a girl in need. None of us on the Zamfund staff are paid and we all donate to Zamfund ourselves. The only administrative costs are for bank transfer fees,  and fees to cover the costs of monitoring and evaluation conducted by Happy Africa staff.

Here are the first two parts of an interview with Memory Mundia, Field Director of Zambia, talking about the state of women and education in Zambia.