The work of Zamfund is made possible by the Happy Africa Foundation (THAF), a UK-based charity that began in 2008 in Livingstone dedicated to development in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Since its inception, THAF has implemented hundreds of education, health, and community development projects in South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, and Zambia.  From the left: Memory Mundia, Field Director; Sharon Siamani, Field Director of Sponsorship; Sam Peisch, President of Zamfund; and Rachael Greenwood, Business Manager.

Memory Mundia - Memory oversees all of Zamfund's partnerships with the Nakatindi Committee, St. Mary's School, and most importantly ensures the success of the students we sponsor here at Zamfund.  Incredibly intelligent, charismatic, and dedicated to the cause of educating women, we are incredibly excited and honored to be able to work with Memory. Memory has been working at her business degree while working as a full-time employee for the Happy Africa Foundation in Livingstone in addition to her work for us at Zamfund. 

Sharon Siamani is the face-to-face contact with teachers and administrators at St. Mary's School and the Nakatindi Committee, arranging meetings to ensure that all Zamfund's partnerships and projects are in working order.  Given her passion, kindness, and attention to detail Sharon is perfect for fulfilling the critical role of checking in on the students Zamfund sponsors on a bi-weekly basis at St. Mary's, making sure each pupil is attending class regularly, performing well in school, and their needs and the needs of their families are being met.  Sharon also oversees the distribution of our IGA materials to the families of sponsored students. 

Rachael Greenwood is our business manager on the ground and our liaison with the Happy Africa head office based in London.