In the United States


Sam Peisch (President)- the founder and president of Zamfund, Sam has traveled and worked extensively in Zambia over the past four years, starting with his work as a medical volunteer at our partner organization, the Happy Africa Foundation in 2009-2010.  Sam just recently returned from a site visit in Livingstone in June, where he was able to see the impact Zamfund is making through the help of the Nakatindi Committee, St. Mary's School, and the Happy Africa Foundation.

Ben Peisch (Vice President)  - coming from a day job in media marketing at the Washington Post, Ben's focus is on logistics, social media, and fundraising.

Colleen Montgomery (Treasurer) - a certified public accountant at Montgomery & Merrill PC with extensive experience in nonprofits, mentoring, and volunteer organizations, Colleen handles all of the finances for the group.

Steve Peisch (Director of Development)- with over 35 years of teaching expertise at Lawrence Academy, a private boarding school in Massachusetts, Steve has also traveled extensively in Zambia to set up logistics with our team on the ground.  Steve is also deeply involved in local fundraising efforts.

John Ewing - The former President of the Bank of Vermont, John has worked on many successful nonprofits, including helping to found SmartGrowth Vermont, an environmental sustainability nonprofit that just recently merged with the Vermont Natural Resources Council. John's areas of expertise are strategy implementation and fundraising.

Sarah Peisch - Sarah currently works as a legal consultant for DC Public Schools and is a strong advocate for women's education and equality.